The Company

AVANZABIO is a technology-based company committed to sustainability and human health. It was incorporated specifically to supply natural products and solutions for all crop types.

With sustainable agriculture firmly in mind, our micro-organism-based products offer a real alternative for the future, with tried and tested positive results when used as a substitute for other types of fertilizer, providing healthy and thriving crops and preserving soil fertility.

We produce inputs and biostimulants for crop plants, seeds or roots to promote biological processes and, accordingly, increase nutrient availability and optimise their absorption; to increase resistance against abiotic stresses; thereby, improving crop quality.

AVANZABIO has comprehensive and state-of-the-art production premises together with its own laboratory where it conducts biotechnological research projects and designs a range of natural solutions designed to improve agricultural production.


Own Laboratory

We conduct our research projects in biotechnological terms.

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Our team

We boast a multidisciplinary team that identifies and develops products and applications in diverse fields of agricultural production.

We also offer customised consultancy services to determine potential crop yield improvements for all companies wanting to find ways of improving the promotion of their plants’ biological processes to improve absorption efficiency, better use of nutrients and higher quality crops.


Comprehensive support for all our customers.

We research micro-organisms


We research the use micro-organisms as inoculants to mobilise nutrients which are scarce in soils as a real alternative by which to reduce environmental pollution and improve crop yields.

We work towards developing products which will reduce the systematic use of chemical fertilizers which entail a significant cost for both agriculture and the soil.

We research phosphorous and iron dissolution processes.

We collaborate and participate in different research projects with public institutions and other companies in the sector.

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